Before installing OptiBPM, ensure the system requirements described below are available.

Hardware and software requirements

OptiBPM requires the following minimum system configuration:

•     Microsoft Windows Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Vista or Windows 7

•     PC with Pentium 4processor or equivalent

•     1 GBof RAM (recommended)

•     400 MB free hard disk space

•     1024 x 768 graphic resolution, minimum 256 colors

•     Internet Explorer 5.5

Protection key

A hardware protection key is supplied with the software.

Note: Please ensure that the hardware protection key is NOT connected during the installation of OptiBPM.

To ensure that OptiBPM operates properly, verify the following:

•     The protection key is properly connected to the parallel/USB port of the computer.

•     If you use more than one protection key, ensure that there is no conflict between the OptiBPM protection key and the other keys.

Note: Use a switch box to prevent protection key conflicts. Ensure that the cable between the switch box and the computer is a maximum of one meter long.

OptiBPM directory

By default, the OptiBPM installer creates an OptiBPM directory on your hard disk. The Opti BPM directory contains the following subdirectories:

•     \bin – executable files, dynamic linked libraries, and help files

•     \bin_64 – 64 bit executatble files and DLLs.

•     \doc – OptiBPM Manuals and OptiBPM User Guides

•     \samples – OptiBPM examples

•     \UserDLLs – default location of User Profile DLLs, also contains example code (Visual Studio 6.0) for development of Profile DLLs