Sentinel® LDK and Sentinel HASP® Run-time Environment Installer GUI: Readme

Installer Version 6.65

Package Version 6.65

November 2014

This document provides information regarding the Run-time Environment Installer GUI for Sentinel LDK and Sentinel HASP, including supported operating systems, enhancements, known compatibility issue, and issues resolved. ("Sentinel LDK" is the next generation of Sentinel HASP.)

Operating Systems Supported

The latest service packs and security updates must be installed.

Note: Windows XP Embedded is not supported with this installer. To install the Run-time Environment under Windows XP Embedded, use akshasp.sld. This file can be found under \Runtime Environment\win_xp_embedded\ in your installation of Sentinel LDK or Sentinel HASP.

Changes in Terminology

With the introduction of Sentinel LDK, changes to terminology were incorporated in Sentinel Admin Control Center user interface and help files as follows:

Installing the Run-time Environment

Upgrading the Run-time Environment

When using the Installer GUI to upgrade the Run-time Environment, ensure that:

Accessing Admin Control Center in Internet Explorer Metro Mode

Under Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 can be operated in "desktop" style or "Metro" style. When users attempt to access Admin Control Center for the local License Manager in the Metro style browser, they get the message "This page can't be displayed". (This problem does not occur when a user attempt to access Admin Control Center for a remote License Manager.)

To access Admin Control Center for the local License Manager under Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10, the user must do either of the following:

Compatibility Issues

Control Guard Agent

When Control Guard Agent version is present on a computer, installation of the Run-time Environment will cause the operating system to crash. If this occurs, update to a later version of Control Guard Agent.

Trend Micro OfficeScan

When Trend Micro OfficeScan is present on a computer, installation of the Run-time Environment may stall.

Trend Micro has released the following hotfix to resolve this issue: Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.6 Service Pack 3 Patch 1.1  Hot Fix - Server Build 5592 and Client Module Build 5445.

Contact the Trend Micro support team to obtain this hotfix. See the readme file included in the hotfix for more details.

Enhancements in This Release

Reference Description

The template for customizing entries for the Access log in Sentinel License Manager has been enhanced.

  • A new log element (functionparams2) is available.
  • Tags for special characters that could not be used in the template until now are provided.
  • Existing elements (sessioncount, logincount, loginlimit) that did not provide reliable results have been corrected.
  • The following events are now logged correctly: session timeout, orphaned session logout, manual disconnect, AdminAPI disconnect.

In addition, the template is now used for log entries generated by Embedded License Managers and External License Managers.

For information on the log template, see the Edit Log Parameters screen and related help screen in Admin Control Center. (Click the Edit Log Parameters button from the Configuration - Basic Settings screen.)

Admin Control Center now enables the user to generate a C2V file without the requirement of installing the RUS utility. This is supported for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The following limitations apply:

  • HL Basic keys are not supported.
  • C2V files fetched from HASP HL and Sentinel HL (HASP Configuration) keys will not work with Business Studio.
The C2V file can be generated for locally-connected Sentinel HL, HASP HL, and SL AdminMode keys.

Issues Resolved in This Release

Reference Description
LDK-7893 The License Manager would fail when it attempted to scan more than 128 remote servers. The message “Failed to begin fridge transaction:327683” was displayed.
LDK-7084 The hasp_get_info() function in the Licensing API did not return consistent results for localhost when no IP address set in etc\hosts file for localhost. The function would return either localhost( or IPv4.
LDK-5710 When the real-time clock battery in a Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) keys is exhausted, the error code returned by the hasp_login or hasp_login_scope function was HASP_INT_ERR instead of HASP_NO_BATTERY_POWER.
LDK-5390 If hasplms.exe is locked at the time the user attempts to upgrade the Run-time Environment, a misleading error message was displayed. The error message now provides an appropriate description of the issue.
LDK-8895 When an activated SL-Legacy license is installed on a machine that contains Products that have clone protection disabled, and a user then attempts to detach a license, error 64 (clone detected) was generated. Now a license can be successfully detached.
LDK-8936 Installation of certain third party tools would cause the removal of a symbolic link from Hardlock drivers. As a result, HL keys would become inaccessible.

Version History

Issues Resolved in Version 6.64

Reference Description
LDK-6857 A compilation error would occur when the RTE 6.62 haspds.msm merge module is used with a WIX-MSI installer.
LDK-7030 A Stop error (BSoD) would occur when the customer applied a V2C on a machine with a dynamic disk.

Issues Resolved in Version 6.63

Reference Description
LDK-6642 A Stop error (BSoD) was reported with certain flash drives (if connected).

Issues Resolved in Version 6.62

Reference Description

After an end user installed Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment v.6.61, applications that are protected using older versions of HASP4 or Hardlock would not start. Applications that are protected using older versions of HASP4 or Hardlock, or that use older versions of HASP4/Hardlock API would display the message: Driver version mismatch.

These issues existed under the following circumstances:

  • These issues existed only with HASP4 API version 8.x or earlier or Hardlock API version 3.83 or earlier.
  • These issues do not exist with the Sentinel LDK API library that also supports the HASP4 and Hardlock API.
Support for legacy HASP4 and Hardlock APIs has been restored in Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment v.6.62.

Enhancements in Version 6.61

Reference Description
LDK-3483 Admin Control Center now correctly displays information regarding Sentinel HL Board
LDK-3366 The Local License Manager is now more resistant to potential sources of corruption, such as power failure.
LDK-2877 Cloned SL-AdminMode keys are now correctly identified by the License Manager and become inaccessible. As soon as the cloned keys or machines are removed, the single remaining key is automatically be re-enabled.
LDK-3129 Support for SL keys under VM live migration solutions is now provided.

Issues Resolved in Version 6.61

Reference Description
LDK-4821 Protected application with encrypted swf would not start under Windows 8.1 32-bit. The message "Error E0025 - unknown error" was returned.
LDK-4787 Documentation has been corrected to state that it is not possible to install vendor-specific SL-UserMode V2C bundled in a branded Run-time Environment.
LDK-4543 When a Feature that is disabled for virtual machines is installed on a virtual machine, the Run-time Environment did not return the usable tag as false.
LDK-4533 Memory leaks in the Sentinel Licensing API have been resolved.
LDK-3970 When a Provisional SL-Legacy license is installed on a machine with Run-time Environment v.6.60, its Product names were not displayed in Admin Control Center.
LDK-3283 The License Manager would require several minutes to load when Flash Media Bay Reader is connected to the system.
LDK-3255 A Stratus server would stop responding during synchronization when the Run-time Environment is installed.
LDK-3092 The Sentinel Admin API function sntl_admin_get would not filter information correctly based on scope template for feature/machine/user tags (Feature ID, computer name or IP address, License Manager user name).
LDK-3005 In Admin Control Center, an inconsistency existed regarding the display of "allow=all" in "Users" and "Access from Remote Clients" restriction tabs of the Configuration page.

Under Windows 8.1 (x86 platform), the Hardlock driver would not detect NtTerminateProcess and NtTerminateThread SST indexes. As a result:

  • When starting a protected application, the Secure Channel Communication error (H0046) would occur.
  • A Stop error (BSoD) would occur.
LDK-2975 When SkyRecon StormShield Agent version 5.6 is present on a computer, installation of the Run-time Environment would cause the operating system to crash.

Enhancements in Version 6.60

Support has been added for Window 7 Embedded.

Issues Resolved in Version 6.60

Reference Description
LDK-2119 After cancellation of an SL AdminMode license on a machine, Features would disappear from other Products and become unusable.
189473 Under certain circumstances, the License Manager would fail with HTTP scanners.
LDK-1892 For a "6to4" IPv6 address, network licenses would not be available (disconnect from the NetKey) after a short period. Now the License Manager scans the network interfaces to detect local IP addresses, similar to the Runtimeless API. The License Manager no longer asks for the DNS.
LDK-1683 Product names displayed in Admin Control Center were different from the names specified at creation time. Product names are now handles as follows:
  • Names provided within a license container (for example, a V2C file) are valid just for that container.
  • Names provided manually in a vendorid.xml file always override those container names, retaining backward compatibility (for examples, for translations)
  • vendorid.xml files are never overwritten by the License Manager, so different names for licenses on different machines are no longer mixed up
LDK-2052 When the login to a Feature would fail, the log file would not contain the username, hostname, FeatureID (and haspid, if specified in scope) .
LDK-2718 Under certain circumstances, Sentinel HL (Driverless configuration) keys did not appear in Admin Control Center.
LDK-1965 Under certain circumstances, a protected application under Windows 7 would cause a "Key not found" error.
LDK-2235 False positive VM detection would occur on a physical machine that had a Hyper-V virtual machine. 
LDK-2107 A reference finger print would not contain the NIC_UID value when the NIC address has an OUI (Organizational Unique Identifier) value of “00:50:56:XX:YY:ZZ” OR “00:05:69:XX:YY:ZZ”. These OUIs (“00:50:56” OR “00:05:69”) are assigned to VMware, and are used by VMware when the NIC address for a VM guest m/c is manually generated.
LDK-1175 Intermittent H0043 errors would occur when a USB camera was connected to the machine.
LDK-2564 Under certain circumstances, the bundled RTE installer created using Sentinel EMS would fail.
LDK-1194 Under certain circumstances, termination of a protected application would cause a Stop error.
LDK-2502 When using RTE version 6.56: After logging off and then logging on to the machine, a HASP 4 key was not detected.
LDK-2240 Under Windows XP, when installing haspdinst v.6.51 or 6.55 on an HP 8200 ELITE SFF machine, a stop error would occur.
LDK-2074 The RTE installer would not add the registry entry “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers" if it was not present. As a result, end users would receive Error 16 (Inconsistent Filesystem Structure) errors during RTE installation.
LDK-2034 Licenses that were installed with a bundled RTE were not visible in Admin Control Center if a branded RTE had been first uninstalled and then reinstalled.
LDK-2428 When a proxy server is used, Admin Control Center was not able to obtain language packs automatically.
LDK-3014 When no HL key is connected to a machine, the driver package version was shown as as 0.0.

Issues Resolved in Version 6.56

Reference Description
170463 When the user attempted to install Microsoft Office 2010 on a computer that contains the Run-time Environment, the installation would fail and display an "Error 1046" message
185897 Run-time Environment v6.55 would not recognize a HASP HL key with Firmware v2.16. The key would not be displayed in Sentinel Admin Control Center
186197 When an application is protected with "Enable data file encryption" selected in Sentinel LDK Envelope, and file extensions are added in the filter, it was not possible to save the encrypted files to a network location.

Issues Resolved in Version 6.55

Reference Description
MKS177499 Under Windows 7 64-bit, protected application process would not exit from the Task Manager after closing.
MKS180520 A Stop message (BSoD) would occur while running a DataHASP protected application when Norton Internet Security is installed.
MKS179112 A delay would occur in obtaining the current remaining executions count when using the Licensing API hasp_get_sessioninfo() call soon after the hasp_login() call.
MKS177029 The NX flag for hasplms.exe was not enabled.
MKS178460 LM ID content of the LM Server whose information has not been refreshed for a long time would not be shown when more than 512 LM servers exist.
MKS168507 If the HL key was changed while a machine was sleeping, then afterwards the License Manager would show that the original HL key is still present. The new HL key would not be recognized and would not work.
MKS175770 hasplms.exe would crash and record an Access Violation error in the system log

Known Issues - Run-time Environment

Reference Description
12506 Sentinel LDK communicates via TCP and UDP on port 1947. This port is IANA-registered exclusively for this purpose. At the end user site, the firewall must be configured so that communication via this port is not blocked.
180256 When a computer names contains UTF-16 characters, Admin Control Center displays the short name for the computer (similar to Windows Explorer). Similarly, the sntl_admin_get function in Admin API returns the short name.
182646 After Windows 7 is upgraded to Windows 8, the user is not able to use existing SL licenses or to install new SL licenses.
Workaround: After you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, reinstall the Run-time Environment.
LDK-2471 Sentinel Licensing API: On a computer with the Nvidia chip set GeForce 7025/nForce 630a, and where the CPU is AMD Athlon 64 X2, the hasp_read and hasp_encrypt functions may fail with error 39, HASP_BROKEN_SESSION. This problem only exists with HASP HL keys with Firmware version 3.25.

Workaround 1: On the computer described above, when error 39 is returned, call the hasp_read or hasp_encrypt function again. It is not necessary to call hasp_login again.

Workaround 2: Use Sentinel HL keys with Firmware version 4.2x.
LDK-5038 It is not possible to retrieve the hard disk drive ID in SL-AdminMode fingerprints for Dell PowerEdge R710 and PowerEdge T410 machines.
LDK-8480 With some new USB chipsets, it is possible that the API hasp_update() call, used to update the firmware of Sentinel HL keys to version 3.25, will generate the HASP_BROKEN_SESSION return code, even if the firmware is correctly updated. (This issue does not occur with Sentinel HL Driverless keys with firmware version 4.x.)
Workaround: Install the latest Run-time Environment. The automatic firmware update feature of the License Manager will automatically update the firmware of the key the first time that the key is connected, without the need to call hasp_update().

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