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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi every one !

      I am simulating a paper as attached below.

      After completing the required setup, when i simulate the scenario i get very bad BER i.e in the range of 10e-3. I don’t know why i am getting such a poor BER.

      Can some one help me out plz, i am also attaching my project file below….

      Main points..

      1. As i am using Optical Gaussian Pulse generator at transmitter side while at receiver side i used 3R to meausre BER but 3R is used only for NRZ data but here my modulated signal is in the form of optical Gaussian pulses, so kindly tell me, Is that the problem due to which i am getting poor BER ?

      as u can verify it from Project file name “Project file.1 with 3R” as attached below.

      2. But when I used the method as explained in tutorial Lesson 3 to find BER (in which they used out puts from binary bit sequence, NRZ data and low pas filter instead of using 3R) then i didn’t get any value of all other parameters as shown in BER analyzer except Min BER with value of 1.
      So kindly tell me why i am not getting proper BER value for this setup and also why other parameters didn’t shown any value ??

      u can verify it from Project file name “Project file.2 with BER analyzer”. as attached below.

      3. Kindly tell me how can i simulate attached paper so that i get proper BER value ??

      4. Also tell me how can i improve or minimize BER value for attached setup ??

      I will be very thankful to you for your kindness.

      Best Regards

      P.S I am using Opti sys 7.

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