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Jake Tran

Dear Damian,

Thank you so much for your reply. The Clock Recovery component is really a key component to compensate the time delay.

However, I still cannot receive a linear BER result correspond with the SNR. For example, in your edited project, when I sweep the SNR = 0,5,10,15,20,25; BER results in the BER Test set are only =0.5 (for SNR=0 and 5) or 0 (for SNR=10;15;20;25). I think these BER results don’t have any meanings at all because every time I receive a bit, I can always have the probability of 0.5 to guess if it was 0 or 1. There is no in-between BER result for example 0 -> 10e-7 -> 10e-5 -> 10e-3 -> 1, so that I can make a curve like the image I attached below.

Thank you very much Damian.