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Damian Marek


In terms of handling RF signals, there are several tools available in OptiSystem that have been designed for this purpose. Under the Default master folder of the Component library, several folders contain both Optical and Electrical component groups. For example, the Visualizer Library contains Optical, Electrical and Binary components. Within the Electrical folder, you’ll find an RF Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Electrical Power Meter, etc. As an example, I have enclosed a design file which makes use of an RF Spectrum Analyzer to view the 50 GHz RF signal you mentioned above. You’ll notice that the signal path between the Photodetector PIN and the RF Spectrum Analyzer is BLUE. All electrical signals (sampled in the time domain) in OptiSystem are represented using the BLUE color (when a signal is being visualized (not manipulated) the path is shown in a dotted line format).

We also have a large library of electrical components to manipulate and process RF signals, including the following functions:

Default/Amplifiers Library/Electrical: Electrical amplifiers such as Transimpedance and AGC amplifiers
Default/Filters Library/Electrical: Electrical filters such as Bessel, RC, Butterworth, etc.
Default/Passives Library/Electrical: Splitters, Combiners, Phase shift Transmission lines (such as Coax), etc.
Default/Signal Processing Library/: Arithmetic and Logic functions for electrical signals
Default/Receivers Library/Demodulators: Electrical amplitude/phase demodulators, multiple threshold detectors, etc

We also have components for dealing with binary and multiple-level signals.