Webinar: Supercontinuum Generation and Raman Self-frequency Shift in Photonic Crystal Fibers

Join Optiwave for an informative & instructional webinar on simulating and analyzing optical pulse propagation along photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). Dispersive and nonlinear parameters of the PCF are accurately obtained by modal analysis in OptiMode software. These parameters are then used in OptiSystem software to simulate transmission in PCF. Supercontinuum generation and Raman self-frequency shift…

Webinar: OptiSystem Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensors

Join Optiwave for an informative & instructional webinar on Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensors. Photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is well-suited for sensing applications. It is a flexible platform for tailoring modal dispersion, confinement, and birefringence.  In this webinar, we demonstrate how vector finite element method (VFEM) mode solver of OptiMode software can be used for accurate…

Webinar: OptiSystem PHI-OTDR for Vibration Sensing

    Join Optiwave for an informative & instructional webinar on PHI-OTDR for vibration sensing. The PHI-OTDR component in OptiSystem can be used to sense multiple vibration along a fiber. Users can vary many parameters in PHI-OTDR and investigate their effects on the sensor sensitivity. The PHI-OTDR interrogator can be used to analyze simulated and…

Webinar: LiFi Channel Characteristics

    Join Optiwave for an informative & instructional webinar on LiFi channel characteristics. The LiFi channel power distribution, time & frequency responses and BER are simulated in OptiSystem. Users can vary many parameters in the LiFi system and investigate their effects on the LiFi channel performance. Setting up the parameters and a demonstration of…

Webinar: Optical Communication Transmission Simulation Using GN-Model

  Join Optiwave for an informative & instructional webinar on optical communication transmission simulation using GN-Model. The GN-Model enables users to simulate very complicated advanced modulation DWDM multi-span transmission systems in an extremely short time. OptiSystem software estimates the system OSNR, BER and maximum reach for mQAM and mPSK modulated systems. Setting up the parameters…

Webinar: FBG Fiber Loop Mirror Sensor Design Basics using OptiSystem

This particular sensor design will exploit the switching feature of a loop mirror (Sagnac Interferometer) to enable enhanced sensing and accessing capabilities of FBGs for stress, strain and temperature in surrounding areas.

Webinar: Describing the Nonlinear Phenomena in Optical Fibers using OptiSystem

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how OptiSystem allows designers to study the following phenomena in optical fibers: SPM, XPM, self-steepening, FWM, Raman tilt, Rayleigh back scattering, and Brillouin scattering.

Webinar: Polarization Splitter with Holey Fiber using OptiMode

Elliptical-hole core circular-hole holey fibers (EC-CHFs) can be engineered to provide absolutely single polarization transmission. Along with a more conventional…

Webinar: Features and Operation of OptiPerformer

This webinar will introduce users to the entire process of downloading and installing OptiPerformer, to creating an OptiPerformer file and using it.

Webinar: Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Design using OptiGrating

The optical spectra of fiber Bragg gratings are very sensitive to strain, and therefore, they can sense environmental conditions by optical measurements.