Success Stories

Al-Ahliyya Amman University Testimonial

OptiSystem software offered by Optiwave Systems Inc. satisfies our needs for conducting optical communication system…

On-Line Graduate Course on Simulation of Optical Communication Systems with OptiSystem


Preparation of highly qualified personnel to drive the optical communications industry and spur innovation requires training adapted to that industry’s requirements. In Canada, the Next Generation Optical Networks (NGON) consortia was created at Queen’s University, Université Laval and McGill University to provide graduate students with targeted training with industrial input and participation. One outcome was…

Australia’s Macquarie University adopts OptiSystem for Research

Macquarie University Selects Optiwave Tools for Teaching & Research “OptiSystem is very helpful for modelling the performance of optical fiber transmission and data storage systems. The software is both easy to use and flexible, making it a versatile tool for both teaching and research.” Associate Professor Graham Town – Department of Electronics

Indian Institute of Science adopts OptiSystem for Teaching & Research

Indian Institute of Science Selects Optiwave Tools for Teaching & Research “We are using OptiBPM, OptiSystem and OptiHS software to simulate various opto-electronic components and optical sub-systems to design scalable high-performance communication systems,” says Professor C. Selvarajan – Chairman Emeritus/Prof. T. Srinivas/E.S. Shivaleela of the Opto-Electronics Division at the India Institute of Science.

RIT Adopts Optiwave Academic Program for Telecommunications Engineering Technology Programs

There’s no denying the movement towards creating university level photonics programs is on the rise. Optiwave has created the Optiwave for Educators program in response. The program combines industry standard simulation software tools for student and teacher use, and specific lessons for the classroom. It even uses the same lesson plan outlined in one of…

University of Arizona Selects Optiwave Tools for Academic Research

“We are using OptiBPM and OptiSystem packages to simulate various opto-electronic components and optical sub-systems to design scalable high-performance computing systems,” says Professor Ahmed Louri, Director of the Optical Networking and Parallel Processing lab at the University of Arizona. Professor Louri also notes, “OptiBPM and OptiSystem’s rich collection of library components/tools and ease of integration…

Lehigh University Adopts Optiwave for Educators Program at New Center for Optical Technologies


OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Lehigh University launched their new multi-million dollar Center for Optical Technologies in 2000. Since then, their fully developed program includes optical communications, optics, photonics, and optoelectronics. Lehigh has now adopted the Optiwave for Educators program, which allows teachers to incorporate Optiwave’s industry standard simulation software tools into curriculum and research. Adoption of…