OptiSystem Training Videos

How To Setup A Bias Generator In Optisystem

The DC bias generator acts as a DC source. In this example we combine the output of a DC bias generator to the output of a sine generator to observe the effect of adding a DC component. We will also modify the properties of the generator to observe the effects that result from changing each…

How To Setup A Noise Source Generator In Optisystem

The Noise Source Block acts as a source of thermal noise. In this example, we have a user defined bit sequence connected to an NRZ pulse generator which will represent the data signal. We will be combining a noise source with our data signal to show how noise affects it.  We will then observe the…

How To Set Up An NRZ Pulse Generator In OptiSystem

The NRZ Pulse Generator component allows users to create a sequence of non-return to zero pulses that are coded by a digital signal input. This video describes how to setup and modify the NRZ Pulse Generator in OptiSystem.