OptiSystem Applications

100 Gbps DP-QPSK System with Digital Signal Processing

Constellation diagram (for polarization X)

The combination of polarization-multiplexing and quadrature phase-shift-keying (PM-QPSK or DP-QPSK) is emerging as one the most promising solutions to reach bit rates of 100 Gbps and higher.

OCDMA Network Design

Represents the Eye Diagram, BER, and Q-Factor for User 1.

Optical Code-Division Multiple-Access (OCDMA) system simulation is crucial for optical engineers designing networks that require high levels of privacy and security. This Application Note describes how OptiSystem simulates such a network.

Analysis and Simulation on Spectral Phase-Encoded OCDMA System (subscription required)

This paper analyzes the temporal behavior of pseudo-random code and the effects on a spectral phase-encoded time-spreading OCDMA System. A spectral phase-encoded time-spreading optical code division multiple access system designed by Optiwave’s Optisystem was demonstrated.

Characterization of the chirp in semiconductor laser under modulation (subscription required)

In this paper we present, shortly, a study of the chirp induced in direct modulated DFB laser. Our description of the chirp is based, first on analytical resolution of the rate equations, and second on a simulation of a heterodyne system with the Optisystem software.

Design and simulation of a novel phase-encoded OCDMA system

The security of optical code division multi-access (OCDMA) system was analyzed, and the results indicate the hidden trouble of security. A scheme of multi-codes to be transmitted single-user information has been proposed, and single-user eavesdropping model has been simulated.