Lesson 21 – 3D Surface Plasmon

3D Surface Plasmon Introduction

Surface plasma wave is sensitive to the metallic material and the layout geometries. OptiFDTD provided build in time domain Lorentz_Drude for noble metals. In the following we will discuss two surface Plasmon layout simulations. Note: The samples in this lesson will only run on a 64-bit computer.

Nano-Gold Particle

In this example, we will show how a gold particle is simulated by OptiFDTD. In some surface Plasmon layouts, gold particles may distribute in an array format, if the input plane wave propagate straight forward and the array is periodic, then we can take one periodic cell for the simulation with transverse boundary set as…

Sub-wavelength Holes in Metallic Film

It is generally accepted that the enhanced transmission is mediated by surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) that exhibit resonances set up by the periodicity of the array. We will calculate the transmission through sub-wavelength holes in a gold film deposited in SiO2 substrate. Surface Plasmon wave that results from the periodic array of holes will enhance…