OptiSystem C++ Component

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Network Installation Instructions

These files provide information for setting up network licenses of Optiwave software.


New Program “Free for Academics”

Optiwave announced the immediate availability of its “Free for Academics” program to universities in the United States and Canada…

free fdtd

Free FDTD Download

Optiwave is now distributing its 32-bit FDTD product as freeware to show appreciation to the photonics community for…

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OptiSystem – Getting Started

Getting Started for OptiSystem

The OptiSystem ‘Getting Started’ document is now available for download.

FDTD - Sample44_3D_Heating_Absorption_64Bit.fdt.

FDTD Samples

This page contains the installer for the OptiFDTD samples.


WDM Phasar Freeware

Optiwave is now distributing it’s WDM Phasar product as freeware. The WDM Phasar software package provides a powerful tool for the…



Optiwave introduces OptiPerformer, a freeware complement to OptiSystem. OptiPerformer empowers research colleagues, sales and marketing teams, and students with a full working freeware simulation environment enabling them to load existing OptiSystem files, run full simulations, and view results.


OptiSystem – Hot Topics

Download Simulation Examples for OptiSystem 9.0+

Optiwave now offers ‘hot topic’ examples for you to download and use with your evaluation or purchased copy of OptiSystem.

OptiSystem 14.0 (NEW VERSION)

January 14, 2016

OptiSystem 14 includes several enhancements including a new C++ co-simulation component, updates to our multimode component portfolio…

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